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The activities of Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche - Issue #9

We're are now approaching the final quarter of this year and there is still plenty to look forward to

Samye Institute - Dakini Day Digest

September 15 · Issue #9 · View online
The activities of Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche

We’re are now approaching the final quarter of this year and there is still plenty to look forward to before 2017 becomes but a memory to us all. This month we have launched Rinpoche’s new websites and have exciting news to share about an upcoming pilgrimage as well as teachings from Rinpoche in Vietnam that are taking place this month.

New website launch!
We are happy to share with you the launch of the new website.  
Please share your feedback to [email protected]
The Activities of Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche
Guru Rinpoche Pilgrimage
It is with great joy, after three years of hard work, that we are announcing the completion of the Nepal volume in our forthcoming series of pilgrimage guides dedicated to Guru Rinpoche’s life and deeds. To inaugurate this special event, we wish to invite you to join us this autumn as we follow in the footsteps of our precious Lotus-Born Guru, Padmasambhava, travelling to the holy sites of Nepal, where he taught, practiced and accomplished the Dharma.
This, our first official Guru Rinpoche pilgrimage, will be taking place in the auspicious Tibetan Year of the Bird – the same year in which, generations ago, the precious Jarung Kashor, otherwise known as the Boudhanath Stupa, was completed and consecrated. 
For more information visit Samye Dharma
Tibetan Medical School
We are very happy to announce that our Tibetan medical school​​ has just opened a clinic at ​our ​Amrita House​ building in Boudhanath, Nepal​. ​The “Traditional Buddhist Sorig Herbal Medicine Clinic"​ will receive patients every day from 1​pm​ to 5pm. Just last week, we held a graduation ceremony for 8 of the 17 total students who have completed 6 years of successful study under our Amchi Urgyen Kelsang. These students are now qualified to diagnose and treat patients, and will do so for at least three years ​under the oversight of our head Amchi-la.
Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche speaking at Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony for 8 of our Tibetan Medicine students
Graduation Ceremony for 8 of our Tibetan Medicine students
Click to see photo album on facebook
Global Magnetizing Accumulation Update
Last Dakini day we announced the beginning of a new group accumulation. Rinpoche requested that all his students take up the magnetizing practice entitled “Giant Cloud of Blessings” as part of their daily practice.
“Learning how to work together to make very vast aspirations as a global Sangha to magnetize excellent conditions for Dharma resounding and all pure aspirations to be fulfilled.”
~ Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche
So far 57 of you have accumulated 4,508 recitations of this prayer. To reach the target of 1,000,000 this year, we need to as a group increase our effort twenty fold! Please help to make this goal a reality.
Click here to watch the video message from Rinpoche, read more about the practice and record your accumulations.
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Dedication and Aspiration
guru dewa dakini hung

chok dü gyalwa sé ché gong
Buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout space and time, turn your attention towards us!

tsok nyi dzok la jéyi rang
I rejoice at the perfection of the two accumulations.

dak gi dü sum gé sakpa
All the merit I ever accumulate in the three times

könchok sum la chöpa bul
I offer to the Three Jewels;

gyalwé tenpa pelgyur chik
May the teachings of the Victorious One spread far and wide!

Extracted from: Dedication of Merit from the Profound Aural Transmission of the Sky-Dharma Mind Treasure’s Vajravārāhī Cycle
revealed by Mingyur Dorje [Source]
Make a Donation - Samye Dharma
Thank you for taking the time to read our message. If you would like any more information about any of the projects or activities we’ve mentioned or if you have any comments or feedback please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reply to this email directly and we will endeavour to answer your email as swiftly as possible.
Sarva Mangalam!
May all be auspicious!
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