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Samye Institute - Dakini Day Digest - Issue #27

In this first month of the Year of the Pig, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche presi

Dakini Day Digest

March 1 · Issue #27 · View online
Monthly roundup of activities from the global community of Samye Institute and Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche.

In this first month of the Year of the Pig, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche presided over the annual 9-day Tsekar Drubchen in Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. Prior to that, on a brief visit to Thailand, Phakchok Rinpoche offered a live-streamed teaching and also a public talk on the topic of Radically Happy at an annual event of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists. And, at the end of February, our Malaysian sangha completed its new Guru Lhakang, which Phakchok Rinpoche then consecrated.
We are happy to announce the Sādhana Ritual Courses which will happen at the end of this year in Nepal from Nov 28th to Jan 1st. And throughout this year and coming years, we are happy to announce a set schedule of Pūjās which will be conducted annually by Phakchok Rinpoche’s monks of the Vajra Varahi Monastery in Chapagaon.
On the auspicious first Guru Rinpoche Day of the year, we, at Samye, were pleased to announce a new updated website for the Samye Institute. In addition to a host of new courses and features on Samye, we have welcomed a new 5-session Dharma-stream series on Radically Happy.

Recent Events
On Feb 9th, Phakchok Rinpoche traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to give a public talk on his book Radically Happy: A Guide to the Mind and Society. Following that, Rinpoche gave a teaching in the same city which was live-streamed for public audiences, and is currently available on Rinpoche’s facebook page for those who didn’t get a chance to see it live.
Phakchok Rinpoche in Thailand
Phakchok Rinpoche in Thailand
Phakchok Rinpoche in Thailand
Phakchok Rinpoche in Thailand
From Feb 13th - 21st, the annual Tsekar Drubchen was held at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery’s main temple. This ceremony belongs to the “Great Accomplishment Group Sādhana of White Amitayus” extracted from among the 40 volumes of the Chokling Tersar. For 9 days, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Phakchok Rinpoche presided over the practice of the gathering of over 400 of our monastic and lay sangha.
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Tsekar Drubchen
Out of their great kindness, our Malaysian sangha built a Lhakang in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to the mandala of Guru Rinpoche and the Twelve Manifestations. At the end of February, Phakchok Rinpoche consecrated the shrine, which is the first of its kind outside of the Himalayas.
Guru Lhakang, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Guru Lhakang, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Rangjung Yeshe Perak, Malaysia, hosted their 8th annual Chinese New Year charity distribution. Due to the generosity of many sponsors, over 430 food hampers (containing essentials such as rice, oil, sugar, salt, canned foods, tea, noodles and biscuits) were packed and distributed to the elderly and the disabled. This year the hampers weighed a hefty 10kgs! The event was also graced by the presence of Drubla Sonam and Lama Tamang, who joyously assisted in the distribution.
The 8th annual CNY charity distribution, RY Perak, Malaysia
The 8th annual CNY charity distribution, RY Perak, Malaysia
The 8th annual CNY charity distribution, RY Perak, Malaysia
The 8th annual CNY charity distribution, RY Perak, Malaysia
After offering teachings to our sangha throughout Asia, Khenpo Gyaltsen journeyed to Botang village in Sentu Palchowk district to offer Dharma teachings there as well. 
Khenpo Gyaltsen in Botang village
Khenpo Gyaltsen in Botang village
Khenpo Gyaltsen in Botang village
Khenpo Gyaltsen in Botang village
Announcing a New Website for Samye Institute
For the last few months we have been working hard on rebuilding Samye Institute’s web platform. On the auspicious first Guru Rinpoche Day of the Year of Pig, we were pleased to announce a new look and feel, along with new courses and educational content aimed at assisting you in your study and practice of the Dharma.
What’s New?
  • Community Portal: We want to bring our community together and spotlight the vast activities of all our groups, centers and monasteries around the world. We are now posting more announcements, reflections and activities from our students around the world. Please get involved and send us updates on your own activities to include in our community updates.
  • New Home Study Programs: We have also released two exciting new study programs to announce: Path of Meditation Level Two; and Noble Living, Noble Caring, Noble Dying
You can visit the new Samye Website by follow the link below:
Samye Institute - Buddhist Education, Community and Support Network
Great New Series: Radically Happy for Dharma-stream
Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon
Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon
Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon recently published their book Radically Happy. The book will be of benefit to anyone – from the most seasoned of practitioners, to new practitioners and even to non-practitioners! Radically Happy is for all who struggle to keep a balance in life between work and family, or are trying to cope with the fast pace of daily life, like managing a carer while at the same time aspiring to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon have kindly produced a special Radically Happy series for the Dharma-stream groups, which consists of 5 sessions, covering portions of the book.
We have made this series more “interactive”, with specific questions to discuss during the session, exercises to do during sessions – as well as reflections and exercises to do in between sessions.
Translation into your language:
The Radically Happy for Dharma-stream series is currently available in English. We aspire to make it available in other languages, both as subtitles and the instructional documents. If you have excellent English skills, experience doing translations, and the time and motivation to do this in your native language, please reach out to our translation coordinater, Monica Lopez at: [email protected]
For more information on Dharma-stream and how to form your own Dharma-stream group, visit the link below:
Dharma-stream - Samye Institute
Sādhana Ritual Courses 2019
We are pleased to announce our 10th annual Sādhana Ritual Courses, to take place from November 28th, 2019, to January 1st, 2020, at the Ngedon Shedrup Phuntsok Ling monastery near Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, where the activities of the Great Terton Chokgyur Lingpa’s New Treasures are flourishing.
The main points of practice, including chant melodies, mudrās, tormas, shrine arrangements, musical instruments, sang, tsok, solkha and sur offerings will be taught in Tibetan by Drupla Sherab Dorje, a senior lama of Ka-nying Shedrup Ling monastery, and translated into English and other languages such as Nepali and Chinese, based on need.  
Participants may register for one or all of the following courses:
  • Nov 28 - Dec 3, 2019: The Preliminary Practices (ngöndro) of The Guru’s Heart Practice, Dispeller of All Obstacles (Tukdrup Barché Künsel)
  • Dec 5 - 16, 2019: Tukdrub Yizhin Norbu (Sampa Lhündrup, Spontaneous Fulfiller of All Wishes)
  • Dec 20, 2019 - Jan 1, 2020: The Essence of Activity (Tukdrup Trinley Nyingpo) from The Guru’s Heart Practice, Dispeller of All Obstacles (Tukdrup Barché Künsel)
Empowerment for the Sādhana will take place in Kathmandu on or around Nov 26. Please plan to arrive before then.
Scholarships and concessions are available. Please email [email protected] or call / Whats App (+977) 9818630589 for more information.
Global Magnetizing Accumulation
Rinpoche has requested that all his students, and all who are inspired to do so, recite the Giant Cloud of Blessings, or Wang Dü magnetizing supplication as part of their daily practice. This supplication, composed by Ju Mipham Rinpoche, brings enormous benefit. He would like us as a global sangha to accumulate 1 million of these prayers annually!
Our grand total at the moment is 118,932 recitations.
For more information about Wang Dü, or to enter your own accumulation, go to Samye Institute with the link below:
Global Accumulations - Samye Institute
Upcoming Events
Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche’s Program in Kuala Lumpur
March 8th & 9th, 2019
Empowerment: Dakini Sangwey Yeshe
Teaching: How to apply Three Samādhi throughout Sādhana Practices? (Registration required)
Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche's Program at Ka-Nying Ling Dharma Society KL, Malaysia - Samye Institute
Ngakso Drubchen
March 14th - 22nd, 2019
Ngakso Drubchen, the annual ”Ocean of Amrita Mantric-mending” will take place in Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery’s main temple
Ngakso Drubchen - Samye Institute
Annual Pūjā Schedule 2019
Beginning with this year of the Pig, Phakchok Rinpoche’s monks of Pal Do‑Ngak Nyida Zungdrel Mindrol Norbuling Monastery (aka Vajra Varahi Monastery) in Chapagaon, Nepal, will conduct 6 Pūjās annually from May to December. The dates are fixed based on the Tibetan calendar, and will only change slightly on the Western calendar each year. Within 5 minutes walking distance to a sacred temple of Vajra Varahi, five of the six Pūjās will be held at our Vajra Varahi Monastery which is on the same site as Zangdok Palri, the Lotus Light Dharma Institute and our Vajravarahi Ayurvedic clinic. The other of the six Pūjās, The Hundred-thousand Guru Tsok Pūjā of Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes (Sampa Lhündrup) from the Guru’s Heart Practice, will be practiced at the Asura Cave, in Pharping, in July.
Wisdom Blogs
Knowing Mind - Samye Institute
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Dedication and Aspiration
ཚེ་དང་ཐར་པའི་བར་ཆད་ཀུན་ཞི་ཞིང་།  །
tsé dang tarpé barché kün shyi shying
May all obstacles to our life and liberation be pacified,
ལོ་བརྒྱ་འཚོ་ཞིང་སྟོན་བརྒྱ་མཐོང་བ་དང་།  །
lo gya tso shying tön gya tongwa dang
May we live for hundreds of years and see hundreds of teachers,
ལྷག་པའི་བསླབ་པས་རྒྱལ་བསྟན་རིན་པོ་ཆེ།  །
lhakpé labpé gyalten rinpoche
And through the three superior trainings, may we always uphold the precious teachings of the Conqueror,
ནམ་མཁའ་ཇི་སྲིད་གཞན་ཕྱིར་འཛིན་པར་ཤོག  །
namkha jisi shyen chir dzinpar shok
For as long as space exists, and for the benefit of others!
རྒྱལ་ཀུན་འདུས་ཞལ་དཔལ་ལྡན་བླ་མ་དང་།  །
gyal kündü shyal palden lama dang
May the glorious gurus, who are the very face and embodiment of all the buddhas,
རིས་མེད་བསྟན་པ་འཛིན་ཀུན་འཚོ་གཞེས་ཤིང་།  །
rimé tenpa dzin kün tsoshyé shing
And all the holders of the non-sectarian teachings live long,
ཆོས་འཁོར་རྒྱུན་ཆད་མེད་པར་བསྐོར་བ་ཡིས།  །
chökhor gyünché mepar korwa yi
And by turning the wheel of the Dharma without interruption,
འཇིག་རྟེན་གསུམ་པོ་རྟག་ཏུ་སྣང་བྱེད་ཤོག  །
jikten sumpo taktu nangjé shok
May they always illuminate the three worlds, now and forever!
~ Extracted from The Indestructible Vajra Garland, An Aspiration Prayer for the Lives of the Supreme Holders of the Non-Sectarian Teachings by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Tayé.
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