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Samye Institute - Dakini Day Digest - Issue #24

This month Rinpoche, together with co-author Erric Solomon, finalized their month-long Radically Happ

Dakini Day Digest

December 2 · Issue #24 · View online
Monthly roundup of activities from the global community of Samye Institute and Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche.

This month Rinpoche, together with co-author Erric Solomon, finalized their month-long Radically Happy book tour with the talk at Harvard Divinity School.
At the end of November, a workshop about the topic of “Using the Four Noble Truths to Understand & Transform Self and Society” was organized at Amrita House, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Moreover, a very special announcement for this month is that Ani Tsunma Jamyang Donma will recieve The President’s  Award - The Hospital for Sick Children’s Humanitarian Award, on Dec. 6th , 2018. It is so wonderful to see an organization that recognizes such selfless activities. Ani-la is an inspiration for all of us on the Samye team where she oversees all our transcribers!

Recent Events
On the 26th and 27th November, the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation hosted Buddhist scholar and practitioner Jonathan Watts at Amrita House for a workshop on “Using the Four Noble Truths to Understand & Transform Self and Society”. Twelve of our Tibetan medicine students and nuns participated in the training so they will be better equipped to benefit the villages and communities where they will teach and treat people in the future.
On Nov 13th, Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon gave their final talk on Radically Happy at the Harvard Divinity School. Here are a few photos from talks at the Harvard Divinity School, the Rubin Museum, Penn State Abbington College, and the American Himalayan Foundation.
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
The 9th Annual Nepal Sādhana Ritual Course Retreat began on November 29. Ten ritual course participants arrived at a new monastic retreat center in north Kathmandu, Nedon Shedrup Phuntsok Ling, with the retreat master Drupla Sherab Dorje, and shrine master / torma teacher Tsondru Gyatso, from our Kanying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Boudha. This program is the first retreat ever to be held at the new retreat center, which was originally named and blessed by Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. The program will last 23 days: the first 12 days the retreatants will learn and practice the Pema Khandro Sādhana of Kurukulle, and the final 11 days they will study and practice the Padmasambhava Guru Sādhana Trinley Nyingpo from the Tukdrup Barché Künsel cycle, which is offered every year. We hope many more practitioners may join us next year!
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Sādhana Ritual Course 2018
Ani Tsunma Jamyang Donma's Special Award
Ani Tsunma Jamyang Donma to receive The President’s  Award - The Hospital for Sick Children’s Humanitarian Award, on Dec. 6th , 2018
Ani Tsunma Jamyang Donma
Ani Tsunma Jamyang Donma
Ani Tsunma Jamyang Donma has served as Spiritual Care Provider @ SickKids for over 10 years , originally as a volunteer, then as a Resident Chaplain in training, and now is on staff as an Interfaith Chaplain. The award is the result of many nominations from her professional & clinical peers.
In her role as Spiritual Care provider she assists families to be at peace with the circumstances they find themselves in while in hospital.  In the past several years in response to the interest of the medical staff Ani Tsunma also began to offer guided mindfulness meditation sessions based in Buddhist & Secular understanding. With support from President and CEO Mike Apkon and senior administration she worked with members of the Spiritual Care Department to develop the Mindfulness Project @ SickKids.
The Mindfulness Project delivers evidence based training designed specifically for healthcare providers, giving them skills for a resilient path in healthcare with training in therapeutic presence that translates to a better, kinder experience for patients and avoids burnout. The project includes counseling for healthcare providers. Recently Ani Tsunma coordinated a Mindfulness Research Symposium in Toronto, Canada bringing together Buddhist practitioners, Secular Mindfulness Practitioners, Facilitators and Researchers exploring methods of best practice in Healthcare. 
Ani Tsunma feels she never would have pursued a career as a Spiritual Care Provider or The Mindfulness Project initiative without the support of her teachers, sangha, and gurus. With love, devotion, and appreciation she wishes to acknowledge Kyabje Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche for his dignity and faith in her, for Ven Dhyani Ywahoo for her sisterhood, love and vision, for Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche who has loved, encouraged and supported her the whole way, for Venerable Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo for her refreshing unapologetic honesty and ethics, and for Khenchen Sonam Tobgyal Rinpoche for introducing her to the Dharma, Tonglen, & Medicine Buddha Practice.
Sharing Practice
What does it mean to rest? As a working mother of two young children learns how to integrate practice into her daily life, she also discovers the importance of this simple act.
Knowing When To Rest - Samye Institute
Akara Collection
Vajra & Bell Ring
Vajra & Bell Ring
This ring is specially designed in-house at Akara and made by one of our Newari artisans here in Nepal. Uniquely combining both the vajra and bell, it has many levels of meaning and symbolism.
These rings are designed with a modern touch so that it can be worn by anyone who wishes to subtly connect to Buddhism. The ring is made from the following five metals which have healing properties when worn against the skin.
  1. Gold helps energize the physical body.
  2. Silver helps give clarity of mind.
  3. Copper helps in promoting the healing of wounds.
  4. Brass boosts the body’s immune system and attracts health.
  5. Zinc helps support protein synthesis, wound healing, cell division and normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.
A genuine Vajrayāna practitioner is rarely separated from these powerful meditative and ritual symbols, as they are one of the samaya items that the practitioner should never be without. The vajra symbolizes the indestructible quality of our intrinsic nature. It also represents skillful means and primordial self-awakening. The bell symbolizes wisdom and also the true natural resonance of dharmatā. 
Radically Happy Audio Book
Under the link below is a sample from the beginning of the book:
Listen here: Radically Happy Audiobook - Samye Institute
Global Magnetizing Accumulation
Rinpoche has requested that all his students, and all who are inspired to do so, recite the Giant Cloud of Blessings, or Wang Dü magnetizing supplication as part of their daily practice. This supplication, composed by Ju Mipham Rinpoche, brings enormous benefit. He would like us as a global sangha to accumulate 1 million of these prayers annually!
Our grand total at the moment is 87,270 recitations.
Please find the video of Rinpoche’s explanation about Wang Dü under the link below:
Magnetizing Activity - Samye Institute
To record your own accumulations, keep tract of your own total, and that of the entire sangha, go to the link below at Samye website (log in required). A simplified Chinese version is also available.
Log In ‹ Samye Institute — WordPress
Upcoming Teachings
Khenpo Gyaltsen Asia Tour: Malaysia-Indonesia-Singapore - Samye Institute
Amitabha Retreat & Bardo Teaching with Khenpo Gyaltsen - Samye Institute
Detail schedule to be announced soon. Follow Samye website for more information:
Phakchok Rinpoche Program Vietnam 2019 - Samye Institute
Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery Pūjās 2019 - Samye Institute
Wisdom Blogs
The Wisdom Blog section contains advice and instruction from Phakchok Rinpoche and his senior instructors. Each short blog post contains essential guidance and tips for living a more meaningful life. Posts are archived in general categories, ranging from beginners to more advanced.  Topics include advice on handling emotions and balancing priorities.  We also share general Buddhist knowledge and introduce Buddhist art, festivals, and ritual.
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Guru Rinpoche Day Message
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Facebook & Instagram Updates From Rinpoche
Dedication and Aspiration
ཚེ་དང་ཐར་པའི་བར་ཆད་ཀུན་ཞི་ཞིང་།  །
tsé dang tarpé barché kün shyi shying
May all obstacles to our life and liberation be pacified,
ལོ་བརྒྱ་འཚོ་ཞིང་སྟོན་བརྒྱ་མཐོང་བ་དང་།  །
lo gya tso shying tön gya tongwa dang
May we live for hundreds of years and see hundreds of teachers,
ལྷག་པའི་བསླབ་པས་རྒྱལ་བསྟན་རིན་པོ་ཆེ།  །
lhakpé labpé gyalten rinpoche
And through the three superior trainings, may we always uphold the precious teachings of the Conqueror,
ནམ་མཁའ་ཇི་སྲིད་གཞན་ཕྱིར་འཛིན་པར་ཤོག  །
namkha jisi shyen chir dzinpar shok
For as long as space exists, and for the benefit of others!
རྒྱལ་ཀུན་འདུས་ཞལ་དཔལ་ལྡན་བླ་མ་དང་།  །
gyal kündü shyal palden lama dang
May the glorious gurus, who are the very face and embodiment of all the buddhas,
རིས་མེད་བསྟན་པ་འཛིན་ཀུན་འཚོ་གཞེས་ཤིང་།  །
rimé tenpa dzin kün tsoshyé shing
And all the holders of the non-sectarian teachings live long,
ཆོས་འཁོར་རྒྱུན་ཆད་མེད་པར་བསྐོར་བ་ཡིས།  །
chökhor gyünché mepar korwa yi
And by turning the wheel of the Dharma without interruption,
འཇིག་རྟེན་གསུམ་པོ་རྟག་ཏུ་སྣང་བྱེད་ཤོག  །
jikten sumpo taktu nangjé shok
May they always illuminate the three worlds, now and forever!
~ Extracted from The Indestructible Vajra Garland, An Aspiration Prayer for the Lives of the Supreme Holders of the Non-Sectarian Teachings by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Tayé.
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