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Dakini Day Digest - Issue #59


Dakini Day Digest

October 1 · Issue #59 · View online

Monthly highlight of the activities of Phakchok Rinpoche and the global community of Samye Institute.

This month, we have many exciting updates to share with you on our global sangha’s activities.
First, we joyfully completed the practice of Lamé Tukdrup Barché Künsel Tsok Bum, the tenth in the series of 100,000 ganachakra feast offerings (or: tsok bum) outlined by Phakchok Rinpoche. Secondly, monks in Vajra Varahi Monastery in Chapagaon also finish One Million Recitations of the Lotus Dakini Mantra and One Hundred-Thousand Fire Pujas today (Dakini Day). Moreover, on the recent Full Moon Day (15th of Tibetan calendar), the first of the new series of 100,000 butter lamp offerings at Asura Cave began. These lights will be offered every day for the next three and a half months. Besides this, we received an update on the dedication and generosity of our Dharma Stream group in Barcelona and their translation efforts. All details about these are included in the digest below.
In October, our monastic sangha will be performing the annual two-day Nyungné Fasting Practice on October 19th & 20th in Do-Ngak Ling Monastery Chapagaon. Nyungné practice is a very special ritual, a powerful method that cleanses and washes away all our negative karma. And looking ahead to November, we will once again gather as a global sangha for the Tsok Bum of Guru Tsokyé Nyingtik. That will take place on November 14th, 8.00 AM Nepal time.
Samye is excited to announce the second part of the course translation: Path of Meditation Level One into Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish. The third part of the translation is coming very soon. This year-long practice program features teaching videos by Phakchok Rinpoche who kindly guides us through a step-by-step approach to building a firm foundation in meditation and self-reflection according to the Mahāmudrā tradition.
In this issue, we feature two choices of Vessels Of Auspiciousness Sang Burners by Akara Collection. You can enjoy making this cleansing offering in a burner of either contemporary or traditional design.
Our translation team at Lhasey Lotsawa Translations & Publications also offers us new translations of heart advice verses as well as an inspiring prayer containing the life story of Chokgyur Lingpa.
Samye requested the recitation of several prayers for overcoming obstacles known as Dug Sher Seng Sum which include:
· Heart Sūtra Recitation
· Prayers to White Umbrella Goddess · Sitātapatrā · Dugkar
· Prayers to Lion-Faced Dakini · Siṃhamukhā · Senge Dongma
We made the request via with the following dedication: “May the patrons of Samye Institute, and the whole world, be free of all disease and hardship. May all beings, in all realms, be happy, healthy, and safe! And may they have all that they need”.

Recent Events
One Million Recitations of the Lotus Dakini Mantra and One Hundred-Thousand Fire Pujas
Today the monks of our Vajra Varahi Monastery in Chapagaon will complete the seven-day puja of one million recitations of the Lotus Dakini - Kurukullé or Pema Khandro - mantra and one-hundred-thousand fire pujas from The Seven Cycles of Profundity. Kurukullé is a Dakini renowned for her power to magnetize. Through engaging in this practice, the practitioners magnetize all favorable circumstances: teachers, teachings, the ability to understand and engage with the teachings, wealth, prosperity, for the benefit of the Dharma and sentient beings, and ultimately the ability to recognize and sustain the nature of mind.
The 10th Of The Tsok Bum Series: Lamé Tukdrup Barché Künsel (The Guru’s Heart Practice, Dispeller of All Obstacles)
We are delighted to share with you that, as a global sangha representing 54 countries, we all together accumulated more than 250,000 recitations in this recent Tsok Bum on Guru Rinpoche Day (September 16th).
Butter Lamp Offerings at Asura Cave
On last Full Moon Day, a new series of the 100,000 butter lamp offerings at Asura Cave commenced. 1000 butter lamps will be offered daily. They will be lit with aspiration prayers made by retreatants in Asura for the benefit of all beings.
If you would like to make an offering, please do so here. As you offer these butter lamps, remember to make aspirations. You can find concise and elaborate versions of lamp aspiration prayers featured on Lhasey Lotsawa.
Photos by Cheong Lee San
Dharma Stream Update: Getting Introduced to The Noble Wisdom of The Time of Death
In order to continue with the efforts to help preserve and spread the timeless cultural and spiritual heritage of Buddhist teachings, The Asociación Bodhicitta Escola de l’Ésser has sponsored a new teaching program for the Dharma Stream group in Barcelona.
Under Phakchok Rinpoche’s kind guidance, Xavier, meditation teacher, invited all members of the Asociación Bodhicitta Escola de l’Ésser to study together Rinpoche’s teachings in Samye Institute’s “The Noble Wisdom of The Time of Death Sutra” online course. Considering the difficult times we all face nowadays, this invitation was sent to all members of the Asociación Bodhicitta and 58 people responded with enthusiasm and interest.
On September 4th was the first online meeting around this course. The topic of death and impermanence is always relevant, but given the current situation we live in the world, it has become a particularly sensitive topic.
Thanks to Phakchok Rinpoche, Xavier Puigdevall, the Samye Institute team and the Asociación Bodhicitta Escola de l’Ésser, the genuine Dharma teachings continue to expand and benefit more and more people in different parts of the world.
Upcoming Tsok Bum Series : Guru Tsokyé Nyingtik (The Lake-Born Guru’s Heart Essence)
Date: November 14th
Time: 8:00–11:00 a.m. Nepal time
Please join us on Zoom on November 14th in accumulating One Hundred-Thousand Tsok Offerings of Guru Tsokyé Nyingtik (The Lake-Born Guru’s Heart Essence). We will practice together with our monks who will be practicing at the Asura Cave Retreat Center in Nepal. Collectively, our monks, nuns, and lay sangha will accumulate a total of 100,000 repetitions of the Guru Tsokyé Nyingtik Tsok offering prayer.
It is mentioned in Lamrim Yeshe Nyingpo, The Gradual Path of the Wisdom Essence, by Guru Rinpoche, that there are four levels of heart-practice or guru sadhana: the outer is Barché Künsel, the inner is Sampa Lhündrup, the secret is Tsokyé Nyingtik, and the innermost secret is Dorjé Draktsal.
Jamgön Kongtrul, in his commentary on the above quoted root verses of Lamrim Yeshé Nyingpo, explains the significance of Guru Tsokyé Nyingtik as follows:
Secretly, the means is the indivisible unity of primordially pure space and spontaneously present awareness, which itself is the basic nature of your own mind and all phenomena. The meaning of this is manifest in mudra form as the great Padma Vajradhara, Tsokyé Dorjé Chang, the symbol, who is all Three Roots condensed into one. He is the self-existing wheel of great bliss, and through his profound path of the essence yoga of undivided development and completion, you reach ‘accomplishment’ of unchanging co-emergent wisdom….”
For more information and details for registration, please follow the link below:
Tsok Bum Series : Guru Tsokyé Nyingtik (The Lake-Born Guru’s Heart Essence) - Samye Institute
Upcoming Annual Puja: Nyungné Fasting Practice
Date: October 19th - 20th
Location: Do-Ngak Ling Monastery Chapagaon
Our monks in Do-Ngak Ling Monastery, Nepal will perform two days of this special fasting ritual combined with the practice of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. The Nyungné practice is a very special ritual, a powerful method that cleanses and washes away all our negative karma.
Further information can be found in Samye website: Click Here
Akara Collection
Vessels Of Auspiciousness Sang Burner (Contemporary & Traditional Design)
Even though the practice of sang offering has become increasingly popular, there has been little concern about the vessel in which the sang is offered. Yet the vessel is very important as it is where we present our offerings to all those worthy praise–Buddhas, bodhisattvas, guardians, and so forth– as well as show our respect, love and care for all of them. This vessel follows the traditional shape that was used widely in Tibet and is still currently used in all the monasteries and sacred places. It is made of one of the five metals and decorated with guardian spirits and auspicious symbols.
For detailed information, please go to Akara Collection under the links below:
Vessels of Auspiciousness Sang Burner (Contemporary Design) - AKARA Collection
Vessels of Auspiciousness Sang Burner (Traditional Design) - AKARA Collection
Translation of Path of Meditation Level One - The Second Section
Samye is very pleased to announce that the second section of the Path of Meditation Level One, “The Ground” is now available in Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish. You can now access the teachings on the Four Mind Changings, Refuge and Bodhicitta, the Mahamudra Lineage and how to connect to its masters in your own language. You will also find advice on how to notice our faults without judging, and a brief overview of how to enhance our practice. 
The translation of the next section, “The Path”, is in progress.
As you work through this section, you will gain a thorough knowledge of the essence of the Ground ─that the mind is by nature pure─. As practitioners we need to cultivate trust in this, but are still susceptible to committing mistakes due to our habits. Throughout this unit, Phakchok Rinpoche will guide you through practices that will support your training to increase trust, by asking questions, adjusting your motivation, understanding the root and mechanism of samsara, turning your mind towards the Dharma, and learning how to study and reflect on the teachings.
If you want to read a complete description of the course and join us in this profound study and practice, please Click Here.
PLEASE NOTE: The translations are at the bottom of the page. To activate subtitles in your language, please click on the CC button on the video’s menu.
You can click Here for help on how to register or login into the platform or Here on how to sign up for our online courses.
May your meditation practice thrive!
Lhasey Lotsawa Translations & Publications
We are happy to share the following inspiring publications our team at Lhasey Lotsawa has been diligently working on:
Ārya Atiśa bestowed the following final piece of advice on how to lead a spiritual life to his disciples upon the request of Lha Jangchup’ö.
This prayer recounts the life of Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, translated in large part by Rangjung Yeshe Publications, with slight edits by our team at Lhasey Lotsawa.
Chokgyur Lingpa gave this poetic verse of advice to his daughter Könchok Paldrön. The advice is a play on Könchok, Rare and Supreme, the first part of his daughter’s name.
We hope these translations will be of great benefit to your practice and all beings. May it be auspicious!
Global Magnetizing Accumulation
Rinpoche has requested that all of his students, and all who are inspired to do so, recite the Giant Cloud of Blessings, or Wang Dü magnetizing supplication as part of their daily practice. This supplication, composed by Ju Mipham Rinpoche, brings enormous benefit, especially during these times.
Remember, you can now track year-to-date totals of the Six Vajra Lines Supplication and the Giant Cloud of Blessings Magnetizing Prayer in addition to the grand totals. The yearly accumulator will be reset annually on Losar.
Global Accumulations - Samye Institute
Upcoming Teachings and Events
41st Annual Seminar With Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche - Samye Institute
Erric Solomon’s Activities
Bliss Is Your Superpower: Weekly Zoom Class With Erric Solomon - Samye Institute
  • Radically Happy Talk in Doncaster UK October 6th
  • Touching Ground Seminar Gomde UK (Webinar Retreat) October 8-10
  • Radically Happy: Transforming your life by Transforming your Mind
  • 4-day retreat at Gomde Germany-Austria (also on Zoom) October 22-26
  • Magical Manifestation: Engaging the Creative Power of Awareness 4-day retreat at Gomde Germany-Austria (also on Zoom) Oct 29 -Nov 2
Guru Rinpoche Day Message
Heart Essence of Mahaguru Padmasambhava - Samye Institute
Dedication and Aspiration
ཚེ་དང་ཐར་པའི་བར་ཆད་ཀུན་ཞི་ཞིང་།  །
tsé dang tarpé barché kün shyi shying
May all obstacles to our life and liberation be pacified,
ལོ་བརྒྱ་འཚོ་ཞིང་སྟོན་བརྒྱ་མཐོང་བ་དང་།  །
lo gya tso shying tön gya tongwa dang
May we live for hundreds of years and see hundreds of teachers,
ལྷག་པའི་བསླབ་པས་རྒྱལ་བསྟན་རིན་པོ་ཆེ།  །
lhakpé labpé gyalten rinpoche
And through the three superior trainings, may we always uphold the precious teachings of the Conqueror,
ནམ་མཁའ་ཇི་སྲིད་གཞན་ཕྱིར་འཛིན་པར་ཤོག  །
namkha jisi shyen chir dzinpar shok
For as long as space exists, and for the benefit of others!
རྒྱལ་ཀུན་འདུས་ཞལ་དཔལ་ལྡན་བླ་མ་དང་།  །
gyal kündü shyal palden lama dang
May the glorious gurus, who are the very face and embodiment of all the buddhas,
རིས་མེད་བསྟན་པ་འཛིན་ཀུན་འཚོ་གཞེས་ཤིང་།  །
rimé tenpa dzin kün tsoshyé shing
And all the holders of the non-sectarian teachings live long,
ཆོས་འཁོར་རྒྱུན་ཆད་མེད་པར་བསྐོར་བ་ཡིས།  །
chökhor gyünché mepar korwa yi
And by turning the wheel of the Dharma without interruption,
འཇིག་རྟེན་གསུམ་པོ་རྟག་ཏུ་སྣང་བྱེད་ཤོག  །
jikten sumpo taktu nangjé shok
May they always illuminate the three worlds, now and forever!
~ Extracted from The Indestructible Vajra Garland, An Aspiration Prayer for the Lives of the Supreme Holders of the Non-Sectarian Teachings by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Tayé.
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